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Check this out :)

If you haven’t ever visited Denise’s blog,  Knitting without Needles, you are truly missing out.  Denise always has something interesting to share.  The How-To’s Tuesdays are especially valuable.  And don’t miss out on her tutorials.  I think I had been visiting her blog for several months before I even found them.  (Hey, I don’t claim to be observant.)

Right now, Denise is holding a contest on her blog.  She wants you to pick your favorite How To’s post and leave her a comment and/or blog about it.  So here we are 🙂  Shouldn’t be hard, right?  Wrong!  There are too many wonderful and valuable posts.  Just the other day I put How to Measure your Mystery Yarn to good use.  And How to Make your own Yarn Swift is terribly clever ;D  But if I have to pick just one favorite, I would have to go with K2tog, YO & SSK, YO at Loomy Daze! In this post, Denise brings to attention Stephanie’s (Loomy Daze) video tutorial for making a YO and K2tog on a loom.  Then Denise expands a bit on the great tutorial Stephanie created.  Awesome!  If you don’t already know, I LOVE, love, LOVE lace!  So this was very vital information indeed!  Thank you Stephanie for creating such a great tutorial – and thank you Denise for pointing it out and expanding on it a bit.  I am hoping to be putting these techniques to great use in the future.

So go on and take a wander through the How To’s posts!  Trust me, it will be time well invested.  Now I must just bide my time until Denise posts the How To on Taking over the World…

Have a great day!

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