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Hi there!  It’s time to talk about the loom alongs that started this month 🙂

In the Loom Along group on Ravelry, for the basic loom along, we’ll still be working on Loom Knit Kitties and Loom Knit Bunnies.  The bunny and kitty are cute, little soft toys and would make fun gifts for Easter or a special little someone’s birthday.

Also in the Loom Along group, we just started up a new Purchased Pattern LAL.  During the months of April and May, we’ll be working on the Pinwheel Baby Blanket pattern by Denise Layman.  Denise’s pattern teaches you how to make the pinwheel blanket and also includes a fun sawtooth edging to accentuate the pinwheel center.

In the Loom Knitter’s Circle group on Ravelry, we started up a new Loomin’ in the Archives LAL.  This month, we’ll be working on the Market Tote by Norma Cooper from the Summer 2007 issue of Loom Knitter’s Circle magazine.  ‘Go Green’ with this project and cut down on your reliance on plastic bags.  Perfect timing with this project since Earth Day is just around the corner 😉  ETA:  I’ve also set this one up as an event in the LKC group on facebook so pick your favorite place to play and come loom along.

Last, but definitely not least, an exciting chance to learn how to loom knit socks.  Our fabulous moderator in the Loomin’ Socks group has been putting together a SAL (Sock Along) to help loom knitters learn to make socks on their knitting looms.  They are beginning with a mini sock, then will progress to a pair of full size socks.  If you’ve ever wanted to loom knit socks, hop on over to the Loomin’ Socks group and join in on the fun.

And that wraps up all of the Loom Alongs that I happen to know about.  Pick a project (or two, or three) and get ready to have a great time.  Happy Loom Knitting!


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Here it is mid-March and I’m just popping in to let you know about the current loom alongs.  So sorry.

In the Loom Along group, we started working on two fun projects for the basic loom along – Loom Knitting Kitty and Loom Knitting Bunny.  We’ll be working on those through the end of April, so I hope you can hop on over and join in on the fun.

Also, in the Loom Along group, the Purchased Pattern loom along for Renee’s Sweet on Ruffles Shawlette is still in progress.  This one wraps up at the end of March, so finish up those shawls and share your wonderful pics with us.

In the Loomin’ Socks group, our wonderful moderator, greengirl7, has been cooking up some Sock Along fun.  Right now, we’re in the planning stages, but it’s looking like we’ll be working on the basics of loom knitting socks starting in April.  Pop in to the planning thread if you’d like to get in on the sock knitting fun.

We held off starting a new loom along in the Loom Knitter’s Circle group.  You are more than welcome to drop in on the 25th Street Stole thread and whip up a quick scarf or wrap.  Or, you can wait until April, when we’ll have another archives loom along and we’ll plan a loom along from one of the patterns in the Spring Issue of LKC.

Speaking of the Loom Knitter’s Circle webzine – if you are a designer, today is the day to submit patterns for the Spring 2012 issue!  You can send your submissions to lkcmag@gmail.com.  Be sure to visit the submissions page to check the current guidelines.  I can’t wait to see what crops up in the next issue 🙂

Happy Knitting!


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