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A new month has breezed on in and that means new loom alongs, too!

In the Loom Along group on Ravelry, for the main loom along, we’ve started working on the Drop Stitch Scarf pattern by Isela Phelps. We’ll be working on this pattern through May and June, so you’ll have plenty of time to make a drawer full of these pretties.

Also in the Loom Along group, for the Purchased Pattern LAL, we’re still working on the Pinwheel Baby Blanket pattern by Denise Layman.  This one runs until the end of May, so come on over and join in on the fun.

In the Loom Knitter’s Circle group on Ravelry, we’re taking advantage of the newly published issue of Loom Knitter’s Circle.  We’re working on Bethany Dailey‘s lovely Chain Lace Cowl from the Spring 2012 issue.  I’ve also set this one up as an event in the LKC group on facebook so pick your favorite place to play and come loom along.

In the Loomin’ Socks group, they’ve moved on from mini socks and are making full sized socks.  Diana has lined up some great resources for loom knitting socks, so be sure to check it out.  And the Loom Class group on yahoo has some neat projects lined up for this month.  Hop on over there and check them out.  And that wraps up all of the current loom alongs that I happen to know about 😉

Happy Loom Knitting!



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If you are a loom knitter, you’ve probably already heard that the Loom Knitter’s Circle web based magazine has re-launched.  The latest issue, Winter 2012, has 9 new patterns, an article about cast on methods, some product reviews, and a fun new addition called Side Stitch.  Hop over there and check it out, if you haven’t already had the chance.

Since LKC has re-launched, the Winter 2010 Issue migrated into the Past Issues category.  And that means that this pattern has moved into the LKC archives as well:

This weekend, I took a bit of time to create a pdf for the 25th Street pattern.  I’ve also added a few little details to the pattern – no major changes, just a few little enhancements.  You can click the link above to find the pdf, and I’ve also added a link on my Free Patterns page.

We’ll be working on this pattern in the Loom Knitter’s Circle Magazine group on Ravelry, if you’d like to come join in on the fun.  Hope to see you there.

Happy Loom Knitting!

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A few days ago, I finished up my Lacey Scarflet for the Loom Knitter’s Circle loom along at Ravelry.  I worked mine up in a single strand of Berroco Pleasure and decided to use purchased buttons for closing the scarflet, rather than knitting them.

When I was finished, I had almost a full ball of yarn left so I decided to make a hat to match the Lacey Scarflet.  I thought I’d post my notes on the hat here for anyone that might want to make one like it to match their Lacey Scarflet.

Lacey Mock Crochet Hat

Created to match the Lacey Scarflet by Brenda Myers.

Materials used

Large gauge round loom with 48 pegs.  The purple round Knifty Knitter was used for the sample project.

Knitting tool

Tapestry Needle

Yarn:  130 yards of an Aran weight yarn.  Berroco Pleasure was used in the sample project.


Cast on 48 pegs.  Prepare to work in the round.

Brim:  Rounds 1-12 – k2, p2 to the end of the round.  (The brim in the sample project measures 1.25″)

Prepare for the next round by knitting the first peg once more.

Next Round – Work the Mock Crochet Stitch, in the round, as follows:

The working yarn should be resting at peg 1.  Bring the working yarn back around peg 48 and lay it across peg 48, peg 1, and peg 2.  Knit peg 2, then peg 1, then peg 48.

The working yarn will now be resting at peg 2.  Peg 2 is now the middle peg for the next wrap.  Bring the working yarn back around peg 1 and lay it across pegs 1-3.  Knit peg 3, then peg 2, then peg 1.

The working yarn will now be resting at peg 3.  Peg 3 is now the middle peg for the next wrap.  Bring the working yarn back around peg 2 and lay it across pegs 2-4.  Knit peg 4, then peg 3, then peg 2.

Continue wrapping and knitting 3 pegs at a time, treating the peg where the working yarn is located as the middle peg, until you reach the end of the round and the last 3-peg group has been worked (this will be peg 47, peg 48, and peg 1).

Repeat this round until the hat reaches the desired length.  18 Mock Crochet rounds were worked for the sample project.  This gives the hat a bit of extra room at the top so the hat is more relaxed and the lace work doesn’t get pulled open too far.

Finishing: Remove the hat from the loom using the gather removal method.  Cinch the top of the hat closed and weave in all ends.  Embellish with buttons, if desired.

The mock crochet stitch creates a pretty, open, lace fabric and works up pretty quickly.  I’d like to point out a couple of good tutorials that I came across on the mock crochet stitch while working on this project.  First up is a seven page picture-based tutorial found at loomknittinghelp.com:


The second tutorial is a video clip of the mock crochet stitch being worked on a Kiss Loom by Graciela Worth.

(The Kiss Loom is a bit different than many manufactured looms because it has pegs and pins.  If you have a Kiss Loom, follow the video – if you are working with a loom that doesn’t have the pins, just skip that part of the process).

Good luck learning this fun lace stitch.

Have a great day!

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