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This past spring/summer I had the opportunity to work on a pattern booklet for the All-n-One loom from the Authentic Knitting Board company.  I was asked to submit 5 design proposals for loom knit patterns using the All-n-One.  Of those, 3 would be chosen for the booklet.

An All-n-One loom arrived here in late April and a lot of loom knitting followed.  Plus pattern writing, and pic clicking, etc.  But enough about the nitty gritty details 😉  All of that work, and the work of a few other very talented loom knit designers has come together inside the pages of this fabulous new booklet:

A few lucky recipients got their hands on advance copies of this booklet, Loom Knitting with the All-n-One Loom, at a loom knitting retreat in Texas at the end of October.  Lucky ducks, right?  But, not to worry – you can now purchase this booklet from the Authentic Knitting Board website.  (Just click the link at the top of this paragraph)

Alright, just for kicks, let’s take a look at the projects I contributed to this book.  First up, is Darby:

Darby is a textured, rectangular wrap knit in Bernat Mosaic.  Mosaic has lovely, vibrant colorways and was the perfect yarn for this spirited accessory.  It was fun watching the colors change as I worked through this project.  I think this design would be beautiful if worked up in a solid color too.

Next up is Ashley:

Ashley is a delicate, feminine shawlette.  It was knit with Sheep(ish) from Caron.  I was aiming for something whisper soft with a wonderful drape.  I am really pleased with how this shawlette turned out.  It feels very luxurious and completely cuddly.  I need to make at least two more just like it!

And last, but definitely not least, Hadley:

Hadley started out as a dress only.  Specifically, a knitted vest with an attached fabric skirt.  Somewhere along the line, I decided to modify the pattern to give the option for knitters to knit the vest as a stand alone piece, or to knit the vest and then add the fabric skirt.  I think it made the design much more versatile.

Here is a look at the Hadley vest:

And one more of the Hadley dress:

So, now you have a closer look at three of the designs in the Loom Knitting with the All-n-One Loom book.  But the loom knitting fun has only just begun.  There are 8 additional projects in the book and they are all fantastic!

The Loom Knitting with the All-n-One Loom book is beautifully put together and well worth adding to your loom knitting library (if I do say so myself, haha).  If you don’t already have a copy, maybe Santa will spoil you with it this Christmas… 😉

Happy Loom Knitting!

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“Sweet childish days, that were as long, As twenty days are now.” – William Wordsworth

Isn’t this so true?  I remember days that seemed to stretch on forever when I was younger.  Especially the hours spent at school.  And it felt like holidays and birthdays would never arrive.  Now the days and weeks just zip on by.  Life keeps me busy, busy and that makes the hours fly.   

Still, I’m not complaining.  It’s all good as long as I can find a bit of time here and there to squeeze in a little yarn play 🙂

These little fairies have been waiting to come out and play since late last September.  I have a pattern written up for them and all ready to go.  I’ll let you know when and where it gets posted.

I was so thrilled with how this little project turned out.  Isn’t it sweet and cheery?  I did this little gift bag for an article that was just published in the Loom Knitter’s Circle magazine.  If you’d like to check it out, visit the site, click on Articles and mine is the first one – Let’s Get Ready to Scrumble!  Exploring Free Form Loom Knitting.  This cute little giftie went to kiddo’s bus assistant.  She fell and broke her hip back in February and probably won’t be able to return to work.  This pretty bag flew out the door as soon as the strap was sewn on.  We gave it to kiddo’s bus driver to take it to Miss Nancy.  Hopefully it is helping to cheer her through her recovery.

Here is a little something fun that you won’t catch from the article in the Loom Knitter’s Circle:

This is the flip side of the little gift bag.  As you may (or may not) know, I crochet, needle knit and loom knit – along with various other crafts.  I couldn’t resist slipping a bit of crochet in on this cute little bag.  It’s rather perfect, don’t you think?  Combining two of my favorite crafts into what I think may be one of the prettiest things I’ve done with yarn so far.  Well, it made me smile at least, haha.

I’ve also been tinkering with my little lady bug pattern.  I’ve made a few improvements and modifications and will be putting together a new pattern for it.  Here is a look at the new, improved little critter:

This one is also in a sort of limbo but I’ll let you know when it’s available as well.  Alright, better run – there is work to be done.  Wishing you all a great day – and if it’s busy, may you still find a bit of time for play 😉

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Lil’ Angel

I have been meaning to work up a little angel for the Christmas season.  I finally got around to creating her and working out the pattern.  Here she is, ready to grace the Christmas tree:


Lil’ Angel is fun and easy to make.  If you would like the pattern, you can find it on the Free Patterns page.  Let me know what you think about it.  Have a great night!

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I should be working on a project but I have been picking back for almost two hours now and my neck and shoulders, hands, fingers, and arms all hurt.  So I am taking a minute to step away from the task.  Then I can go back to it a little fresher.

Last week was so jammed.  Monday, the boys had school and my Hyper T had a singing performance that night.  Tuesday, the boys had school, which I picked them up from about an hour early so my mom could watch them while I took my Tiny T to an evaluation for apraxia.  What we hoped for was a diagnosis so that we can get additional services that he really really needs.  The speech pathologist labeled it as Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  She recommended far more speech therapy and this site:  http://www.apraxia-kids.org/  When we arrived home, my mom told me that my brother in law had called and that my husband’s nephew had died from a prescription drug overdose.  Painkillers and sleep aids.  It’s so awful.  He is several years younger than us, has a little daughter…  Life can be so hard sometimes.  Hubby worked pretty late and then went to his brother’s to offer whatever support he could.  Wednesday, we flew out of here by 8:40 am to be in Layton in time to make my follow-up appointment for medication management for hypothyroidism.  (I was almost two weeks overdue for that one – shame on me)  While we were down in Layton, I stopped in on hubby’s mom to share some comfort and then dropped some banana bread to hubby’s brother.  He hugged me close and rubbed my hair and I felt really inadequate to help him feel any better.  A son who you never get to hold again – banana bread and a hug can’t really fix that.  I didn’t really know what to do or say.  I hope it helped a little.  Thursday was a pretty nice Thanksgiving and found us extra grateful for the blessing of family, of course.  Friday, I spent some time with my side of the family and worked on this project.  I keep wondering if the project is challenging or if I am just not as good with yarn as I thought (wistful smile)  Oh, I’ll keep plugging away at it.  I don’t like to scrap things or ‘bag it’ if I can help it.  I’m a stubborn ‘cotton-headed ninny-muggins’ (as Buddy the Elf would say)  Alright, back to it : )  Have a great day!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  It has been a pretty nice day for us here.  A little Really busy but we squeezed some family time out of the work hours.  I saw some extended family members that I haven’t seen for years.  It was really nice : )

This month has melted into a blur for me.  Even though I have been really busy, I feel like I have made little progress for all my effort.  I’m in yarn all day every day.  I fall asleep on piles of laundry waiting for me to someday fold them.  The inside of my refrigerator begs for a good cleaning.  Okay, the entire house begs for a good cleaning.  The hours just dissolve into a project I have been trying to be helpful with.  Just a little longer and then I will have to move on to Christmas projects.  No rest for slowpokes like me!

In spite of a bit of extra work load, I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have a great family.  We are pretty healthy.  I have three wonderful (even if they are rowdy) boys, and a beautiful baby girl.  I have a hard working, lovable hubby-bear.  We have most of our family close by.  I could really go on and on.  Instead, I am going to make a Thanksgiving wish that great blessings will find you and your family (and mine : D ) throughout this next year too.  Happy Holidays!

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Today I have froggie brain. I have been working on an important knitting project with a deadline. I worked on it for a few days and then repeated a row out of turn. Being relatively new to how knits work, I didn’t know how to frog back just part of the project and wound up ripping the whole thing out and starting over. No problem, right? I could just double my efforts and make up for the lost time. Progress resumed for a week and all was going better and then A BIG PROBLEM! It was awful! A run in the last stages of the project. It would not be fixed and had to be undone : ( I fretted for many hours and lost heart and confidence. On the bright side, I learned to frog back some – and not ALL of a project. And so, this morning has found me thinking about the advantages of frogging and even the advantages of not frogging.

Years ago, I was given a box of yarn and a crochet hook. The yarn had been in my mom’s closet for some time. She had inherited it from my grandmother and some of the colors were a bit funky. She didn’t feel that she had time to use all that yarn so she offered it to me and tried to teach me to crochet. Now, my mom is right handed and I am a south paw and learning from her was a bit tricky. We started with granny squares. I made a dozen or more wobbly granny trapezoids and then the perfectionist in me just gave up. This was just a craft I wasn’t skilled at! That box of yarn went to live on my closet shelf…

Fast forward a few years. Holidays were approaching and our budget was tight. I decided I wanted to try to crochet dishcloths to give as gifts. If they all turned out ugly, I could still use them to wash my dishes. So I went back to my mom and asked her to try to teach me again. And this time, it worked out great! I stitched up dishcloth after dishcloth – and got better and better. Soon I tenaciously ventured to try new things and before long, I was fairly skilled with my hooks. Crochet became my favorite past-time (and still is). Now, like many other needlecrafters, yarn goes with me everywhere, is stashed everywhere, and is purchased even when I don’t really know what I’ll use it for… yet!

Now to get to the heart of this post, this better, more skilled yarn girl came across some of her dozen or so grannies. “Oh, how awful these look!” I thought to myself. And I commenced to rip frog them. I yanked out all those sad looking grannies and used the yarn to make new, better looking ones. Some time later, a few co-workers asked if I would teach them to crochet. I gladly agreed and we started on dishcloths (even if they don’t turn out pretty, they are still functional, lol) Initially, a couple of my friends were experiencing the same discouragement I had felt when I first started. Like all beginnings, there were some bumps in the learning process. Tensions were not perfect and some stitches went missing. I kept reassuring them that they would overcome it. Some time later, I came across a few grannie ‘un-squares’ that had missed my big frogging. Did I frog them right away and make better ones? Nope! I saved them for the next time I teach a friend to crochet. Now I can use them to illustrate a very humble, bumpy beginning that turned into an ability to produce much nicer, prettier stitches.

Go ahead and frog those special projects and make them right. Take the valuable lessons that come from committing and then fixing a mistake. But once in awhile, maybe when working with scraps/stash, save those oopsies for a reminder that once in awhile, everyone experiences the occasional setback – and show them to someone who needs a little pep talk! Have a great day : )

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My name is Jenny Stark.  This month marks a year since I first picked up a set of Knifty Knitters and began loom knitting.  (My love of yarn arts started about 10 years ago with crochet)  To celebrate this year mark, I am trying out a new blog and updating my posts.  So, welcome and come visit once in awhile : )  Have a great day! 

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