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The hard-working folks at KB Looms have done it again!  Another exciting addition to the Zippy Loom product line has just been released!  The Zippy Loom Master Set is now available for purchase from www.knittingboard.com.  Check out this fun video that the Authentic Knitting Board Company created to showcase the Zippy Loom Master Set:

The Zippy Loom Master Set includes:

4 Zippys
4 Corners
4 “L” connectors
2 Straight connectors
4 Regular connectors
4 patterns
and instructions.

A fantastic set at a fantastic price!

The set comes in a nice, sturdy box.  I really like the crisp and attractive design.

And how exciting is it that you now have 3 options with the Zippy Loom Master Set?


You can create Zippy projects in the round, as a flat panel, and now – double knits!!!


C’est magnifique!  To help commemorate this exciting addition to the Zippy loom product line, I have created another free pattern to share with you.  You can try out your new Zippy Loom Master Set while you knit this beautiful double knit scarf!




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Hello loom knitting friends!  I am reviving this poor, neglected blog to bring you some exciting news!  For many months, the folks at KB Looms have been hard at work, creating a new addition to the Zippy Loom product line.  This exciting little addition will make your Zippy Looms even more versatile.

See this smiley little guy?


He’s so happy because we can finally share this fantastic news with you 🙂

So, without further ado…

I present to you…

Zippy Loom Corners!!!

IMG_3247  IMG_3248

Yes!  You read that right.  No, your eyes are not deceiving you!   Zippy Loom Corners are out there, just waiting for you to snap them up.

Your Zippy knitting experience just soared up to a whole new level of fun.

Thanks to this little guy (and 3 of his friends):


You can now turn these:


into this:


That’s right – now you can take all of those wonderful, smooshy, bulky and super bulky yarns and knit in the round with them.

Of course, you can still knit flat panels as well, and with the corners, your Zippy Loom configuration will be so much easier to carry from knitting spot to knitting spot.


Isn’t that fantastic!  To help celebrate this awesome addition to the Zippy loom product line, I have created a free pattern set to share with each of you.  You can try out your new Zippy Loom Corners while you knit this lovely matching handbag and hat.


Cobblestone Set 

Happy Zippy Loom Knitting!

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Hi there!  Things got pretty busy and I forgot to post the loom along events in June.  I’m popping in now to post the loom alongs happening in July.

In the Loom Along group,  we’re having a loom along on the pretty Tulip Shawl by Isela Phelps:


This loom along runs to the end of July.

Also in the Loom Along group, we just started working on the lovely Wavy Feather Lace Stole by Helen Jacobs-Grant:


This loom along will run through July and August.

And, in the Loom Knitter’s Circle group, I’ve started up a new loom along on the darling Ruffled Scarf by Renee Van Hoy:


This loom along will run through the month of July.


Alright, pick a loom along, or come play along in all of them!  Have fun!

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A little dishcloth fun

I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a pretty dishcloth double as a little gift bag.  I make these with crochet dishcloths, but you could just as easily do this with cloths you purchase from the store.

You will need:

A finished dishcloth (or cloths)

A 25″ length of string, ribbon, or yarn for each dishcloth

A small gift to tuck inside the cloth

(I’ve used candy, pretty soaps, lotions, etc)

A gift tag, if desired

A tapestry needle


To begin, thread the needle with the length of string, ribbon, or yarn.  With the front of the cloth facing you, weave the needle in and out of the cloth, about 1″ in from the outer edge.  (This is through the 2nd to last round crocheted for the cloth used in the example.)  Leave the needle threaded, for now.

Turn the cloth over so that the back is facing up. This will become the inside of the little bag. Place a small gift in the center of the cloth. (In the example, I am using Hugs and Kisses.)

Locate both ends of the string and pull them to gather the cloth up around the gift.  Tie once.  Do not knot the string.

Take the string end that is threaded on the needle and use it to add the gift tag, if you are using one.  If your needle tip is too blunt to pierce the tag, you can pierce it with a sharper needle or use a hole punch before threading the tag on the string.  Thread the string through the back of the tag and pull it through to the front.

Pull the tag up close to the gift bundle and remove the needle from the string.  Take both ends of string and tie them in a cute little bow.  Don’t double knot the bow.  Clip any excess length from the strings and then find someone special to gift it to.

By the way, this works just as well with a square cloth.

You get just a bit more bulk at the top, above the gather, but it’s still looks sweet all bundled up and sporting a little bow.

And that’s all there is to it.  Happy gifting!

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Hi there!  In case you haven’t already heard, there is a new loom knitting pattern book in the works.  Bethany Dailey from Gettin’ It Pegged! has been busily preparing to publish this awesome book:

I’ve been lucky enough to get a peek at the pages that will be in the book and they are cute, cute, cute!  The book is full of wonderful projects that will delight all of the little ones in your life.

In addition to getting a peek-a-roo at the book, I was given the chance to make one of the projects from the book.  The pattern I worked with is called Koby, the Striped Cat.  Koby is an adorable little kitty and I just knew my little girlie would love having one of her very own to squeeze  and love.  I followed a very similar color scheme as in the original Koby, but with a bit more of a girlish flair.  I’ve decided we’ve made Koby’s cousin – Kiki:

As I’ve been working on this project, my kids have oohed and aah-ed over the little kitty.  Before she even had her legs and feet, my little gal was carrying the kitty around and asking her brother “Isn’t it SO cute!”

The sweet details that make this kitty so lovable and personable are exactly what you will get with each and every pattern in Loom Knitting for Little People.   And get ready for big smiles from cute little faces too!

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy of Loom Knitting for Little People, hop on over and do it.  You won’t be sorry.   =)

Have fun!

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A Copper Petal

Remember that envelope full of goodies from Rings & Things?  Well, those fun strawberry beads weren’t lonely little things.  They had some lovely, shiny findings to keep them company.  Inside the envelope, there was also a pair of black & copper french hook ear wires, an antique copper plated clasp and toggle set, and a beautiful copper plated button in the shape of an apple blossom, plus some wood charms and connectors.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with everything, but I knew I wanted to use the ear wires, the clasp and toggle, and the apple blossom as a set.  They just seemed like they belonged together.

Time was short when the R&T goodies showed up in my mailbox.  We were having end of year testing, then wrapping up the school year.  So, I sorted through everything and set it all aside, mulling over potential projects when I had a little spare time crop up.  One day, I pulled this out and wore it:

It’s a choker length necklace that I’ve taken to wearing wrapped around my wrist twice.  Makes for a pretty nice bracelet, even if that’s not quite what I originally had in mind when I made it.  Anyway, I started thinking how nice these beads would look with the copper plated findings.  And I just so happened to still have some of the same beads.  I mixed them up with other beads from my collection/stash/what-have-you because I wanted to be sure I had plenty of beads to make a multi-stranded necklace.

Here is a look at what is left of the mixed beads, after I finished stringing the necklace.  The necklace is made with triple strands of tiger tail wire, beaded, then very slightly braided to give the finished necklace a pretty twist.  One of the beaded strands is all bronze elements.  I wish pictures could accurately show the glitter that comes off of this necklace.  It’s so pretty!  You’ll have to do your best to imagine it 😉

Didn’t it turn out fabulous?  Want to be draped in copper, too?  Head on over to Rings & Things and get your shine on 😉

Have a great day!

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On April 11, I pulled a pretty yarn cake out of the stash basket and started working on a Versailles Scarf.

The yarn came from My Heart Exposed Yarns and Spinning Fibre.  It’s been in my fiber collection for almost a year…  I finally found some time to liberate it from it’s hidey hole and turn it into something fabulous.

The scarf is constructed in two halves.  Just as I finished the first half…

I snapped my plastic crochet hook right in two!  No more plastic hooks for me 😉

On May 11th, this is all that was left of the Dream in Lilies yarn:

Just a little, bitty ball, maybe the size of a large green grape.  All the rest of that lovely string became this airy, dreamy fabric:

Crochet is awesome!  🙂

Happy Crafting!

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